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Slimming and modeling bust corset Body Suit

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Slimming and massaging the waist, hips, belly, shaping the bust


Seamless body SUIT


Thanks to the seamless Body SUIT with massage, it is completely invisible under clothing. That is why, when you wear this model, you maintain maximum discretion. The unique porous structure of the material massages the skin helping to burn the fat. Discreet and cheap. Let friends start to admire your slender figure.


Seamless Body SUIT will effectively model and hide a few unnecessary centimeters, extracting you 100% sex appeal and femininity!



They are made of a soft and pleasant to the touch, innovative material based on polyamide, nylon and cotton, which provides exceptional comfort.

Specially designed three-dimensional structure of the material, with gentle movement, massages your skin, improving circulation in its surface layers. That is why seamless Body SUIT works slimming, modeling, and above all anti-cellulite.

Very elastic material in combination with the seamless cut of the proposed model ensures that the body perfectly adheres to the body. As a result, they are completely invisible under clothing, providing maximum discretion.

Bodysuits hide folds and unwanted protuberances, modeling and slimming the figure from the hip line under the bust.

They tighten and firm the skin.

Seamless Body SUIT model shape and support the bust.

Wide, elastic straps securely and evenly adhere to the shoulders.

The three-step adjustment in the step allows you to adjust the state, and above all it ensures quick and trouble-free use of the toilet.



Size selection should be made on the basis of the current hip circuit. The hip circumference obtained from the measurement should be transferred to the following size tables and choose the corresponding size. We do not choose sizes that are neither larger nor smaller than those obtained from the measurement. The only derogation from the above rules apply when the hip circumference falls on the border between two sizes. Then, in this type of slimming dives, please choose a smaller size.

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